JWHA publishes a newsletter that contains reports of its annual conferences and biennial banquets as well as other news relating to JWHA and our sister organizations (such as the Mormon History Association). The newsletter also contains research and news relating to the history of the Latter Day Saint movement, focusing especially on the “Prairie Saint” expressions. Subscription to the newsletter is free when you join JWHA.

The John Whitmer Historical Association Newsletter (masthead graphic with old sepia-tone drawing) 'The Center Place for Latter Day Saint Studies'

Following the 2016 JWHA membership survey, the JWHA board voted to move the newsletter online via our website and to discontinue the mailing of hardcopy issues. This allows the JWHA newsletter to reach new audiences while also yielding cost savings to the organization. The fall 2016 issue was the first to be published entirely online.

Past issues of the JWHA newsletter are archived in PDF format.