The JWHA Journal is published twice a year. There are opportunities for scholars, young and old, professional and armchair, to contribute their ideas, essays, and papers. Learn about the history of the JWHA Journal.

A collection of cover art from past issues of the journal

Specific focus of interest for the Journal is Community of Christ history and culture, as well as the “divergent paths” of the movement. The editorial board welcomes your contributions.

The archive of past issues of The JWHA Journal are available to all except for the past two years’ issues. The most recent issues are available to members only. Please join today and get access!

Hidden Things Shal Come to Light 
“Smith family members and historians have long believed that a daguerreotype, or photograph, of Joseph Smith, Jr., was made before his June 27, 1844, assassination. That daguerreotype has now been found. Learn more in the JWHA Journal spring/summer 2022 issue.”

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The book review editor will approach potential reviewers in many cases, but others are welcome to indicate their interest in doing a particular review. The guidelines for articles apply generally for book reviews. Please submit reviews by e-mail. Single-spaced documents are preferred. Submissions are accepted throughout the year.

Editorial Policy

John Whitmer Association Journal

The John Whitmer Historical Association Journal solicits manuscripts broadly related in content to the Restoration/Mormon/Latter Day Saint historical tradition. As the parent association (JWHA) is itself independent of any religious institution, so too is its journal. Accordingly, the journal is committed to publishing scholarly articles that represent and reflect premier professional historical standards. In the interest of maintaining objective integrity, manuscripts that apologetically advocate or overtly disparage any institutional religious viewpoint will not be accepted.

Submission of a paper implies that it represents unpublished prose in print or electronic format (except in abstract form) and is not simultaneously being submitted to another venue. Material accepted for publication is subject to copyediting.

All manuscripts are subject to review, usually by two experienced referees. Feedback to authors may be offered after review by the Editorial Board. Suitability for publication is determined by the Editor and members of the Editorial Board. Decisions of the Editor are final. The author is responsible for the content of the material, including that resulting from copyediting changes.

Guidelines for Journal Submissions

  • All submissions should be accompanied by author’s contact information (name, mailing and e-mail addresses, and phone number).
  • Papers must be submitted in digital (computer) format (an e-mail attachment usually works well), preferably in Microsoft Word. Notes should be displayed as footnotes, not endnotes.
  • Style is based on The Chicago Manual of Style, seventeenth edition (University of Chicago Press, 2017). References using this style should be complete and clear.
  • Photographs or other illustrations are appreciated. Be sure to include appropriate documentation for all photos including source and identification of who and what are depicted.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the JWHA Editorial Board for quality and appropriateness to our readers. Feedback to authors may be offered after review by the Editorial Board.
  • Submitting a manuscript for possible use in the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal assumes permission to publish the article. Copyrights for articles accepted for the Journal revert to the authors after publication, though JWHA claims the right to reproduce published works as part of the whole in printed or electronic formats. The Journal editorial staff reserves the right to apply minor copy editing to the manuscript but will provide an opportunity for the author’s review prior to publication.

About Restoration Studies

Restoration Studies has been combined with The JWHA Journal. This journal of theology, religious, and cultural studies has been published since 1980 by the Community of Christ Temple School. Beginning in 2009, JWHA and Community of Christ Seminary began joint publication of Restoration Studies.

We encourage the submission of papers on theology and religious and cultural studies in the Latter Day Saint movement for publication in Restoration Studies.

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