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John Hamer Tells the JWHA History “Under the Pine Tree”

John Hamer was invited to speak about the history and importance of JWHA by the directors of the Community of Christ Canadian Noronto Campground. Due to COVID-19, the discussion was held on August 16th as part of an “e-camping” series called “Under the Pine Tree.” This series takes its name from a tradition of campers discussing topics informally while literally sitting under a particular pine tree in the remote wilderness. John Hamer is a JWHA past president, who also serves as historian for Community of Christ’s Canada East Mission Centre.

Watch the video presentation.

Our Digital Event kicks off with the 2020 JWHA Awards Ceremony. Details here

We have a winner of our 50th Anniversary Logo Contest! Meet the winner and the winning designs.

Meet two more members of the Board, Scott Esplin and Dan Kelty.

In Memoriam

Two longtime, devoted friends of JWHA have passed away.


Biloine (Whiting) Young

Billie’s obituary.









Armand Lind Mauss

Armand’s obituary.










Articles you may have missed.

2020 Digital Event

As a gift to members, JWHA kicks off its inaugural digital event, Metamorphosis: Scattered and Gathered Saints Emerge After Crises., Saturday, September 19.  Explore how crises have initiated change in Restoration communities as they have scattered, then later gathered.

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Volunteer skilled website designer/historian to assist in the re-establishment of, a site dedicated to Mormon Missouri history featuring articles, discussions, bibliographies, etc., as a collaboration between historian Steve LeSueur (The 1838 Mormon War in Missouri) and JWHA past-president Michael Riggs. Interested parties should contact Mike Riggs at

In Memoriam

Ken Stobaugh has passed away. Ken was legendary in the church history community. In addition to serving as director of the Community of Christ Historic Sites for 25 years, Ken was a past president of JWHA in 1976.

Ken’s obituary






Kent Olson – member and devoted friend of JWHA, passed away July 16, 2020.
Kent’s obituary.