Hello friends of JWHA! I have just returned from Kirtland, Ohio where I attended the Mormon History Association conference that was held in the area. A highlight of the conference for me was during a session where Seth Bryant, Sally Roth, and Barbara Walden were brought up on stage.

These three individuals received a special citation on behalf of Community of Christ for the decades of care and preservation of the Kirtland Temple. I was very touched as the hundreds present rose to their feet and gave them a long and well-deserved standing ovation! I was also moved as David Howlett, current president of MHA, was gifted a Community of Christ signpost with directions to the Kirtland Temple that was handsomely framed.

It is always great to meet with friends connected to restoration history. Many that I visited with at MHA expressed interest in attending our annual conference this fall in St. George, Utah. As I shared with them the details about our tours, plenary sessions and presentations, they conveyed enthusiasm about attending the conference. I would like to invite our JWHA membership to also begin sharing those details about our conference with friends and colleagues so that they are aware of this historic conference. I am anxiously looking forward to meeting with all of you in September!

–Kyle Walker