After two years meeting online, we are delighted to have to opportunity to meet again in person! Preparations for our 50th anniversary conference in the beautiful Independence temple continue! This is going to be a very special conference for us, with a few surprises in store. The conference committee is working hard to create a memorable, comfortable, and safe conference we can all enjoy. Presenters have been chosen from some old favorites and a few new voices in the JWHA. Topics for the sessions include:

  • RLDS/Community of Christ Feminist Networks

  • Interfaith dialogue among different Restoration movements

  • The Global History of Women and Healing in the Early Latter-day Saint Movements

  • Restoration Temples, Race, and Gender

  • Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, and Its Significance to the Restoration

  • Joseph Smith and Polygamy

  • RLDS and LDS approaches to Civil Rights

  • History of the Graceland University Seminary

  • And much more!

We will also be favored to hear from two top scholars on the Restoration at the conference. Dr. Amy DeRogatis, professor of religion and American culture at Michigan State University will be delivering an address titled “Intimate Exposure: The Charley Douglass Daguerreotype and American Religious History.” Spencer McBride, host of the popular Joseph Smith Papers podcast, will be speaking on his book, Joseph Smith for President, providing a close look at the role of Latter Day Saints in the 1844 American presidential election.

In addition to all these wonderful presenters there will be a few wonderful opportunities at the conference. Our conference tour this year will highlight the life of John Whitmer as we travel and learn the story of the namesake of the JHWA. In addition, seats are available for a special showing of rare historical artifacts housed in the Independence Temple. Seating for all these opportunities is limited, so don’t put off registration for the conference.

Finally, for our 50th anniversary we want to reflect on the founders and impact of the JWHA. We have spent the past year reaching out to as many of the surviving founders as possible, and each will have a special role to play in our anniversary. We will travel back to the 1970s to learn about their efforts and then reflect on the future of the JWHA. All this, along with stimulating presentations, good food, and good company!

We look forward to seeing all of you in Independence this September!  RSVP for the fun, register today!