“Smith family members and historians have long believed that a daguerreotype, or photograph, of Joseph Smith, Jr., was made before his June 27, 1844, assassination. That daguerreotype has now been found. Learn more in the JWHA Journal spring/summer 2022 issue.”
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Included is “Hidden Things Shall Come to Light: The Visual Image of Joseph Smith Jr.” Ron Romig and Lachlan Mackay present convincing evidence that a recently opened watch locket that was passed down through the Smith family contains a true daguerreotype image of Joseph Smith Jr.

The spring/summer 2022 volume of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal contains original research and contributions by Jill T. Brim, Ronald Romig, Lachlan Mackay, Brooke R. LeFevre, Ryan N. Cramer, Newell K. Bringhurst, Michael S. Riggs, Kyle R. Walker, Paul DeBarthe, Mark L. Staker, and Donald L. Enders.