Books published in the calendar year prior to the award will be considered.  Judges will select the best books (privileging works that are most relevant to Community of Christ history and values, regardless of the time period they encompass).

Alder, Douglas D. Dixie Saints: Laborers in the Field. Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book. Allen, James B.  Still The Right Place: Utah’s Second Half-Century of Statehood, 1945 – 1995.  BYU Provo, UT.
Austin, Michael & Ardis E. Parshall editor.  Dime Novel Mormons.   Salt Lake City, UT, Greg Kofford Books. Bryant, Blair T. Order From Chaos.  Laurel, MD. Self published download.
Carter, Stephen. Moth & Rust. Salt Lake City, UT. Signature Books.   Chou, Po Nien (Felipe) Voice of the Saints in Taiwan. Salt Lake City, UT.  Deseret Book.
Christofferson, Tom. That We May Be One. Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book. Clayton, Roberta Flake and Ellis, Catherine. Pioneer Women of Arizona. Provo, UT. BYU.
Cope, Rachel, Easton-Flake, Amy, Ereksen, Keith A, and Tait, Lisa Olsen. Mormon Women’s History. Teaneck, NJ.  Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Dennis, Ronald. Zions Trumpet. Provo, UT. BYU.
Givens, Fiona and Terryl.  The Christ Who Heals Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book. Givens, Terryl  Feeding the Flock Oxford, United Kingdom. Oxford University Press.
Griffiths, Casey, Paul and Susan Easton Black What You Don’t Know About the 100 Most Important Events in Church History Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book. Jarvie, Scott. Temple Square. Springville, Utah. Cedar Fort.
Jergensen Sandra Clark and Miner, Shelah Mastney.  Seasons of Change. El Cerrito, CA. Peculiar Press. Jortner, Adams.  Blood from the Sky: Miracles and Politics in the Early American Republic (Jeffersonian America). Charlottesville, VA. University of Virginia Press.
Katene, Sellwyn. By Their Fruits You Will Know Them. Aotearo, New Zealand. Steele Roberts Publishing. La Baron, Anna and Wilson, Leslie. The Polygamists Daughter: A Memoir. Carol Stream, IL. Tyndale House Publishers.
Line, C. Robert. Endowed with Power: How Temple Symbols Guide Us to Christ’s Atonement: Temple Symbolism and the Atonement of Christ.  Springville, UT. Cedar Fort. Lund, Gerald N. Lieutenant Terry’s Christmas Fudge.  Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book.
Mason, Patrick. What is Mormonism? New York, NY. Routledge. Miner, Laraine. Mormon Pioneer Dances. Springville, UT. Cedar Fort Publishing.
Mueller, Max Perry. Race and the Making of the Mormon People.  Chapel Hill, NC. University of North Carolina Press. Turley, Richard E. and Nash. Brittany Chapman. Women of Faith. Volume 4. Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book.
Neilson, Reid L. and Waite, Nathan N.  Settling the Valley, Proclaiming the Gospel:  The General Epistles of the Mormon First Presidency. Oxford, United Kingdom. Oxford University Press. Paulsen, David L. and Boyd, Hal. Are Christians Mormon?  New York, NY. Routledge.
Prete, Roy and Prete, Carma. Canadian Mormons. Salt Lake City, UT.  Deseret Book. Quinn, D. Michael.  Mormon Hierarchy: Wealth and Corporate Power. Salt Lake City UT. Signature Books.
Richardson, Steven L., and Richardson, Benjamin.  A 3D Tour of Latter Day Saint History.  Salt Lake City, UT. Signature Books. Rogers, Brent. Unpopular Sovereignty: Mormons and the Federal Management of Early Utah Territory. Lincoln, NE. University of Nebraska Press.
Smith, Thomas.  Stewart L. Udall Steward of the Land. Albuquerque, NM. University of New Mexico. Stahl, Ronit Y. Enlisting  Faith: How the Military Chaplaincy Shaped Religion and State in Modern America. Cambridge, MA. Harvard University Press.
Toronto James A., Dursteler, Eric R., and Homer, Michael.  Mormons in the Piazza: History of the Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book. Wilkinson Carol and Green, Cynthia Doxey.  The Field is White.  Salt Lake City, UT.  Deseret Book.
Williams, Brooke. Open Midnight.  San Antonio, TX. Trinity Publishing. Woods, Fred. Kalaupapa: The Mormon Experience in an Exiled Community. Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book.