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During the second great awakening, the burned over district in Western New York became a breeding ground for change. Harsh winters, disease, and food shortages killed thousands and left people devastated. Political and socioeconomic changes served as kindling to a bonfire. The burned over district was on proverbial fire with revivals, converting many to the ways of the Charles Finney, William Miller, the Shakers, and Oneida. This same district was known for social radicalism, including women’s suffrage and rights. Turbulent times led to great changes that have molded the world we live in today.

What sparks your interest and sets your heart on fire? What part of our history creates a burning desire within you to acquire and disseminate knowledge? Is it the story of Alexander Campbell and Sidney Rigdon? Or is it the plethora of new opportunities for women that came forth from this era and area? How about a deeper look into the humble beginnings of Joseph Smith Jr. and Emma Hale Smith? What awakens your soul and calls to be explored?

We urge you to stir the flame within and spread new light and insight to our membership and beyond. Join us at the 2019 JWHA conference in Rochester, New York at the majestic Woodcliffe Hotel and Spa to explore the history of the Burned-Over district and its influence on our movements today.

Or, we hope this topic stirs the embers within you and that you will join us to spread new light and insight to our membership.

Please submit your proposal to by April 6, 2019.