Several awards for best article are presented by JWHA each year at its annual conference.

Judges select the best nominated articles (privileging works that are most relevant to Community of Christ history or theology, regardless of the time period they encompass) based on the following criteria:

  • Articles published in the calendar year prior to the award.
  • Clear research methodology with a knowledgeable approach to the subject material, a clearly stated thesis, and well-developed and well-supported argumentation with a balanced approach, particularly on points of controversy.
  • Factual and accurate documentation with corroborating source material—including an appropriate familiarity and use of primary and secondary sources—and care to position the argument in the broader historical context, religious studies, and national/international history where relevant (i.e. footnotes, endnotes, appendices, bibliography, index).
  • Well written (clear, concise, readable) with appropriate attention to organization, transitional elements, and interesting and specific supporting details.

Best Historical

Deals with an event or a person/group of persons of historical interest in shedding light on some aspect of the larger Community of Christ/Restoration movement or with an episode that has either been under-interpreted or, in an important respect, misinterpreted in the context of the larger Community of Christ/Restoration movement.

In addition, papers are considered that analyze the history of ideas shaping community or culture, objects that represent a unique aspect of culture, or places, showing the sacred (or non-sacred) element of geography in history. Gives appropriate attention and weight to factors both in and out of the movement that provided a shaping direction.

We encourage particular attention to understudied groups or individuals such as often-overlooked social classes, women, children, ethnic groups, and minorities.

Should make every effort to find and use archival material (including, but not limited to personal papers, institutional papers, photographs, sound recordings) but, in their absence, triangulate carefully from secondary sources and other primary sources to re-create probable motives, goals, and positions. Also includes such aspects of social history as material culture, broader Mormon studies, institutional history, lived religion, or change over time in any of these areas.

Best Theological

As a religious body with an important spiritual history, works studying the theological development of the Community of Christ/Restoration movement should follow trends in scholarship. Papers can address a concept, scriptural or revelatory interpretation, or social movement fueled by a particular scriptural or revelatory interpretation.

In addition to a sound and thorough contextualization that includes origins (and possible origins) of the concept, the article needs to explore areas of strength and weakness as manifested by its adherents and opponents, its development over time, and its current status.

Review Process

A review committee of JWHA members individually evaluates articles based on the above criteria.

The committee gladly accepts nominations of works meeting the above criteria. Please submit the author and title of the work before the deadline date of April 30, 2024, to