On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, a joint statement was released by Community of Christ and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announcing the transfer of “the Kirtland Temple, several historic buildings in Nauvoo, and various manuscripts and artifacts.” The transfer has generated strong and varied emotions and reactions among members and friends of the Restoration traditions. 

While the transaction occurred between institutions, we recognize that it feels much more personal and familial for many of our friends. We express our deepest gratitude to Community of Christ whose consecrated efforts preserved these properties, manuscripts, and artifacts for generations, and we mourn with those who mourn. Both churches have articulated their reasons for the transfer in their joint statement and respective communication channels. These landmarks and materials are central to the John Whitmer Historical Association’s (JWHA) purpose and are dearly valued by its members and supporters. 

We assure our members that JWHA will continue to pursue its purpose to (1) create and encourage interest in Latter Day Saint history, especially the history of Community of Christ; (2) stimulate scholarly research and publication in the field of Latter Day Saint history; (3) promote communication among scholars of Latter Day Saint history, and (4) provide an institutional vehicle for the dissemination of the fruits of scholarly research to members of the Latter Day Saint churches and other interested persons. 

We look forward with optimism to the ongoing preservation of our shared history and continued collaboration with the Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation and other partners in exploring that history through a vibrant community of scholars and laypeople. We anticipate a bright future for the institutions and individuals connected to the many manifestations of the Restoration.

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