The JWHA Special Award committee is pleased to announce its nominees.

In commemoration of JWHA’s 50th anniversary, this Special Award honors authors who have been active in JWHA and Restoration Studies scholarship during any of the last 50 years. The individuals listed below were nominated for their meaningful, sustained work in Restoration Studies scholarship. Their contributions have enabled all of us to learn much about the history of the Community of Christ and other churches of the Restoration movement.

Since the Special Award supports our celebration of a landmark JWHA anniversary, it is available for 2022 only.

Our Special Award nominees:

  • Avery, Valeen Tippetts
  • Flanders, Robert
  • Hamer, John
  • Howard, Richard
  • Howlett, David
  • Johnson, Melvin
  • Launius, Roger
  • Romig, Ronald
  • Shepard, Bill
  • Shields, Steven
  • Shipps, Jan

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