Friday, September 13, 5 – 7PM

Downtown St. George Walking Tour*

$15, limited attendance available

*This tour is NOT handicap accessible.

Tour Guides: Loren Webb & Richard Kohler, Washington County Historical Society

Don’t press your luck, register for this majestic walking tour of downtown St. George. 


Brigham Young Winter Home

Brigham Young Winter Home

The tour includes the Ancestor Square Block, featuring:

  • Big Hand Cafe
  • Morris-Grundy home
  • Samuel and Esther Miles Jr. home
  • George Opera House
  • Brigham Young Winter Home (including an inside tour)
  • Edwin and Mary Woolley Foster home
  • Israel and Anna Ivins home
  • Anthony and Elizabeth Ivins home
  • Gardner Club Hall
  • Augustus and Elizabeth Hardy home

Also included is the Green Gate Village Block featuring:

  • George Cooperative Mercantile Building
  • Wadsworth Building
  • Bishop’s Storehouse
  • Green Gate Village which includes Judd’s Store
  • Orson Pratt/Richard and Elizabeth Bentley home
  • Other homes which were moved to the Green Gate Village

Visible on the tour is the historic LDS Tabernacle and the historic Woodward School Building. Our Sunday morning hymn fest will be held at the historic LDS Tabernacle, September 15th

St George Tabernacle

LDS Tabernacle

Woodward School

Woodward School Building

The length of the tour is about 8.5 blocks with some changes in elevation.