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Friday, September 22, 2023


Sunrise (7:24 a.m.)   Sunrise Memorial – advance registration required. Barbara Walden Zodiac Cemetery
8:30 – 10:00 a.m.   Light breakfast (included in registration fee)   Conference Center
8:30 a.m.
Chair: Eric Rogers
Plenary 201
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The Peacemaker Epic: An Iroquois Influence on Joseph Smith? Dr. Thomas W. Murphy Pacific Showroom
9:30 a.m.   Break   Conference Center
10:00 a.m.
Chair: Bryon Andreasen
Breakout 211 Emma and Joseph Smith’s Kirtland, Ohio, Home: A Restoration Tale from Ohio’s Dust Mark L. Staker Conference Center
Parley P. Pratt Papers: The Early Years Lorain County, Ohio 1826-1830 Robert Steve Pratt
10:00 a.m.
Chair: Robyn Spears
Breakout 212 Evangelism and Church Planting (RS)
“For the Express Purpose”: Power, Conflict, and Positioning in the Apostolic Quorum During their First Mission (1835)
Maclean Elon Heward Quonset Hut A
“To the Joy of the Little Flock”: Joseph Smith’s Prophecy of Enoch and Vision for Zion as Motive for Evangelism Cade H. Alvey  
Restoration Tales from South Asian Trails Nicole Issac
Taunalyn Ford
10:00 a.m.
Chair: Sherry Mesle-Morain
Breakout 213 “Organize Yourselves According to the Laws of Man”: Legal Recognition and Incorporation of the Church Mark Tensmeyer Quonset Hut B
The Mormon Identity: The Crucible of Early Church Opposition Jared Lambert
10:00 a.m.
Chair: Sally Cook Roth
Breakout 214
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A Tale of Two Brothers: The Hawley Family in Texas, at Utah’s Mountain Meadows Massacre, and in Various Restorationist Movements Barbara Jones Brown Pacific Showroom
11:15 a.m.   Break   Conference Center
11:45 a.m.
Chair: Brian Hales
Breakout 221
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“Come back again brother Lyman and dwell in Zion”: Wilford Woodruff and Lyman Wight’s Correspondence, 1857-1858 Alex Baugh Pacific Showroom
11:45 a.m.
Chair: Vickie Cleverly Speek
Breakout 222 “The golden harp”: Scandinavian poetry in Bikuben, 1876-1935 Michelle Graabek
(pre recorded)
Quonset Hut B
Mormon Women and Reproductive Medicine in Late-Nineteenth-Century Utah Brooke R. LeFevre
11:45 a.m.
Chair: Matt Christensen
Breakout 223 Cultural Origins of Mormon Racial Practices and Policies
“We Must Purge Ourselves of Prejudice”: Hugh B. Brown’s Views on Race, Priesthood, and Civil Rights

Matt Harris

Conference Center
“A Comparative Study of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young Regarding African American Mormons” Samuel (Sam) Prose  
11:45 a.m.
Chair: Barbara Walden
Breakout 224 Critics Meet Author: Method Infinite: Freemasonry and the Mormon Restoration (with book signing) Nicholas S. Literski, JD, PhD
Jason R. Smith
Lance Kennedy, JD
Makoto Hunter
Quonset Hut A
1:00 p.m.   Break   Conference Center
1:15 p.m. Zoom logo Awards Luncheon (included in registration fee)
Nominated Books
Nominated Articles
Megan Stanton Pacific Showroom
2:15 p.m.   Break   Conference Center
2:45 p.m.
Chair: Alex Baugh
Breakout 241 “Where Did All the Word Come From?” Investigating Joseph Smith’s Oral Performance that Produced the Book of Mormon Brian C. Hales Conference Center
Making the Book of Mormon ‘Real’: Actualized Imaginaries and the Mormon Transformation of the American Past Jaxon Washburn
2:45 p.m.
Chair: Dan Whittemore
Breakout 242 A History of the Smith-Rigdon Movement in Texas—From a Texan’s Perspective Mike LeCheminant Quonset Hut A
From the Dust of Texas to the Great Waters of Michigan: Bishop George Miller’s Search for Joseph Smith’s Successor Vickie Cleverley Speek
2:45 p.m.
Chair: Mark L. Staker
Panel 243
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A product manager, a reference librarian, and an archivist walk into a bar…: How to use the Church History Catalog to research the wider Latter Day Saint tradition   Pacific Showroom
John Taylor: A Man of Conviction David R. Taylor  
Sidney Rigdon’s “New Bible” and the Incarnation of Scripture Jay Burton  
Navigating the Church History Library Collections W. Tyson Thorpe  
2:45 p.m.
Chair: Matthew L. Harris
Breakout 244 Profiles of Earliest Black Members 1830-1852 Rick C. Bennett Quonset Hut B
From a More Exalted Sphere: Latter-day Saint Pioneers in Space Tyler J. Andersen

4:00 p.m.


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