JWHA is an independent, scholarly society composed of individuals of various religious faiths who share a lively interest in the history of the Restoration Movement.

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John Whitmer Books Manager

John Whitmer Books, an imprint of the John Whitmer Historical Association, is seeking a books manager.  Learn more.

Under the Pine Tree

The directors of the Community of Christ Noronto Campground invited John Hamer to speak about the history and importance of JWHA and to talk about the importance of church history, including local congregational histories.  Due to COVID-19, the discussion was held via Zoom on August 16, 2020, as part of an “e-camping” series called “Under the Pine Tree.”  This series takes its name from a tradition of campers discussing topics informally and in depth while literally sitting under a particular pine tree in the remote wilderness setting of Noronto.  John Hamer is a lifetime member, past president, and past executive director of JWHA, who also serves as historian for Community of Christ’s Canada East Mission Centre.

2021 JWHA 48th Annual Conference

October 21-24, 2021
St. George, Utah

If you submitted a proposal for the 2020 conference in St. George, your proposal will be considered for the 2021 St. George conference.   If you would like to submit a proposal, see the Call for Papers for details.

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50K for JWHA’s 50th Anniversary 2022

At the spring 2019 JWHA board meeting, a special fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 for the 50th anniversary of JWHA (50K for the 50th) was initiated.

This fundraiser will continue over the next two years. Matching gifts from the board led to $21,500 in pledges. Thus, your donations will be worth double, up to $43,000! Help us design the experience.  Learn more.

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With faithful financial contributions over the years, JWHA has been able to further the independent scholarly interest in the history of Community of Christ and the Restoration Movement. Our supporters play a key role in our success.

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