Board of Directors Statement

The Board acknowledges the significance of the recent transfer of historic properties and artifacts and wants to assure its members of the JWHA’s continued dedication to its mission.  A statement was issued on behalf of the John Whitmer Historical Association Board of Directors.

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2024 Annual Conference

St. George, Utah
September 12-15

Dixie Conference Center

Southern Utah’s Desert Outpost: Making Peace with the Past, Pursuing Peace in the Present



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John Whitmer Books Archaeology Series

Two titles currently in the series, more to follow.

We think you’ll dig this series.

The Past, Present, and Future of the Prophetic Monarchy in the Latter Day Saint Movement

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View the abstract.

Did you miss the live event? View the lecture on YouTube.

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Morain Receives President’s Award

The 2023 JWHA President’s Award was presented to William D. Morain for exemplary service, kindness, and fortitude as editor of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal from 2012 to 2023.

Congratulations Bill!

The 2023 conference in Fredericksburg, Texas was a hit.  

Read the post conference highlights.

2023 Conference Sunrise Memorial Service at Zodiac Cemetery Video

“Oh, my. Words cannot capture the feelings of my spirit and stop the falling of my tears. You all did it just as I would have done. Thank you all so much for making this happen.”  Melvin Clarno Johnson

JWHA’s 50th Anniversary: A Legacy of Restoration History

The 50th anniversary conference in Independence is behind us, but still on our minds and guiding us to the next fifty years. What a joy it was to have nearly all of our living founders present with us, as well as many of the past JWHA presidents!  Watch the videos, hear from the founders their vision for our future.
Watch the tribute to their service and the journey ahead.
◆ Hear from the founders’ on the importance of JWHA in the 50th Anniversary founders video.

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