Spring is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. It is the time of year when a young boy sought divine guidance in a grove. It is the time when, years later, that boy and his fellow believers officially organized a church that grew to guide millions as they traveled their own spiritual path. Today, as members of JWHA, we gather to explore the rich history of those that followed the path.  I challenge you to make it a priority to examine why you love restoration history. How does it enrich your lives? How can you share that with your fellow JWHA members? Find the spark within you and coax it to a flame.

If you want to stoke the embers of your passion, we invite you to our spring event April 5th, 2019 in Independence, Missouri. The spring event is comprised of a short business meeting, followed by a panel of treasured members and founders sharing their reasons and passions for sharing in JWHA.  This event is free to everyone, so if you have a friend that shares your passion, please, bring them along and introduce them to the group. Learn more about the spring event.

If your flame is already burning, we hope you’ll consider submitting a proposal to our program committee. This year’s theme, “Back to the Burned-Over District” is meant to encompass not only our roots, but where we have been along the historical path. Feel free to submit an idea from any time period. We are eager to share and learn more about our history with one another. So please, submit your best ideas! The 2019 call for papers deadline is April 6th.

If you are interested in encouraging the continuation of good scholarship and new membership, please feel free to consider sponsoring a scholarship or award.  For more information about sponsorship, please contact jwha@jwha.info.

I hope to see you in Rochester!

Rachel Killebrew, President