Are you a rare analog troglodyte who likes to curl up in your recliner to read off the printed page?

Do you have trouble finding your way around your MS-DOS computer?

Well, why not buy a FULL SET of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journals for that oak bookcase in the den?

You’ll have to move those National Geographics to the basement, but you’ll have ready access to some of the best Mormon history research in print (and we do mean PRINT).

It will all be in your HANDS—and not just at your fumbling FINGERTIPS.

Can’t decide?  Review the articles and authors.

There are a limited number of sets available.

Original Full Set  $400 + shipping

Volumes 1- 3 reprint, remainder originals $350 + shipping

To place your order, contact Cheryle Grinter, JWHA Executive Director,; 816.738.9342.