Photo of Peter Judd

Members of the John Whitmer Historical Association know well the benefits of belonging to this wonderful group of persons interested in Restoration history.

Members come from diverse backgrounds, including all the varied churches that are descended from the movement begun in 1830 by Joseph Smith Jr. But some JWHA members are not affiliated with any of those groups; they are just interested in the history of these various churches and related concerns. Some members are professional historians and researchers, others are amateur historians, and others are simply people just interested in Restoration history.

We welcome all because JWHA is enriched by this great diversity. We do not always agree with each other and sometimes find ourselves reaching different conclusions about who we are and who we have been. This is good. We are better for it.

The annual conference is a highlight of our time together. It is the one occasion each year when we see each other face-to-face. I continue to be amazed at the wide variety of presentations that make up the program each year. Most registrants find it very difficult to choose which concurrent sessions to attend. Fortunately many of the fine papers can be found in issues of the biannual John Whitmer Historical Association Journal which is a benefit of membership. This year’s conference will be held September 21–24 in Nauvoo, Illinois. More information can be found in this issue of the JWHA Newsletter and on the association’s web site: Please plan to be there.

I would like to encourage all JWHA members to invite others to join the association and attend the annual conference. If each member is successful in recruiting one new member, our membership would double. That would be fantastic! If just one in ten new members attends our annual conference this year, that would be significant. Thank you for the ways in which you support the John Whitmer Historical Association.

Peter Judd, president

 John Whitmer Historical Association