2022 50th Anniversary Conference & Celebration Fundraiser

In preparation for the celebration, the JWHA Board of Directors set a strategic goal to, “Begin planning to create a dynamic and memorable 50th Anniversary.”

At the spring 20219 board meeting, the first step to the goal of a dynamic and memorable anniversary was to establish a 50th anniversary fundraiser, $50,000 for the 50th (50K for the 50th).

This is the year we celebrate fifty years of JWHA. It is our desire that many who have not participated before, join us in our celebration. In order to accomplish this, we are planning many events with reduced fees for our fall conference. The celebration will require additional costs, we offer each of you the opportunity to be a significant part of the celebration by helping fund the event.

The generosity of members and our board have gotten us more than halfway there. Now we invite all of you who have enjoyed the benefits of our association to be a part of this grand celebration by contributing to the general fund or sponsoring an element of the conference.

Please use the donate form to contribute to the conference general fund.

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