The JWHA Board of Directors has approved the following bylaw amendments which membership will vote on at the annual business meeting.

Current Bylaw

Section 2. Standing Committees. The Association shall have the following standing committees: finance and membership. The board of directors shall be empowered to create other committees as the need arises.

  1. Appointment of Members. The president shall appoint, with the approval of the board of directors, the chair of each committee, unless otherwise indicated. Board members may receive specific assignments to chair various committees within the Association. The chairs, with the approval of the president, will then appoint all committee members not otherwise specified in these bylaws. These appointments shall be announced at the regular meeting of the Association held in the fall of each year. Chairs and committee members will serve a term of three years or until their successors are selected.
  2. Compositions and Duties. The standing committees shall have the duties and responsibilities and be constituted as follows:
  1. Finance Committee. The committee shall consist of the finance committee chair, the treasurer, the executive director, and a minimum of two members. The members of the committee shall serve a term of three years or until their successors are selected. Members may succeed themselves without restriction. The purpose of the finance committee shall be to develop and assist in the execution of a financial plan designed to enable the Association to fund its programs and projects, including investment and endowment fund policies. The committee should consider the development of methods of fund raising such as fund appeals, planned giving programs, and fund raising projects. The committee shall meet at least twice each year at the call of its chair. The executive director shall report the activities of the committee to the board of directors at each regular meeting of the board.

Recommended Change:

Insert “a minimum of” (bold text)


To meet the need for the Finance Committee to have a larger committee.


Current bylaw:

Section 2. Business Meetings. A business meeting of the members of the Association may be held in conjunction with any regular meeting of the Association, but an annual business meeting shall be held in conjunction with the regular meeting in the fall of each year. A business meeting may be held in conjunction with any special meeting of the members of the Association.

Suggested Addition:

Virtual Attendance. Business meetings may be held electronically through Internet or teleconference technology.  Virtual attendance rules for these meetings may be as directed by the board.


To address the Covid-19 impact, the Board interprets our bylaws, and specifically Article V, Section 6, that “in person” may include virtual voting at a virtual conference. See Covid-19 MOU.