We are pleased to announce the appointment of Vickie Cleverly Speek as the new editor of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal. Vickie brings a wide range of experience in history, journalism, and other fields to the position. Her experience also includes a distinguished tenure as editor of the JHWA journal! Many of you might recognize Vickie from our past conference, where she has shared several papers and helped create a small community of scholars focusing on James Strang and his movement. Vickie is also the author of “God Has Made Us a Kingdom:” James Strang and the Midwest Mormons. Vickie was also the recipient of four first-place awards from the Illinois Press Association, the 2002 Illinois State Red Ribbon Media Award, and recognition as a columnist from the Associated Press. In 2001 she received the Award of Excellence from the Illinois Historical Society for her historical research and writing on a Civil War theme. She has been a speaker at professional and community gatherings, including two presentations about James Strang during Museum Week on Beaver Island, Michigan. We are thrilled to have Vickie return to the post, and look forward to her continuing the tradition of excellence associated with the JWHA Journal.