Summer is upon us and I hope everyone is enjoying their different activities, whatever they may be. I am only a few days away from another trip taking me from Palmyra to Nauvoo. I never tire of visiting these wonderful sites in Restoration history. But my trips are always enhanced by seeing friendly faces and old friends from the JWHA. Summer is a time when JWHA members often scatter throughout the world, for their professional work or just for a getaway with loved ones. And wherever we go, it’s easy to see the gains we enjoy from being part of the JWHA. Whether it’s an insight we gained from a conference presentation, or an article in the journal, I can honestly say my membership enriches me both professionally and personally.

While it’s nice to scatter in the summer, one of the things I look forward to most is gathering together again in the Fall. Our conference committee, led by Kyle Walker and Eric Rogers, are doing an outstanding job putting together a wide variety of presentations for our conference coming up this September 21-24 in Fredericksburg, Texas! It’s safe to say that as well-traveled as the JWHA membership is, very few of us have visited this location. It is always exciting to visit new places and seeing the heart of the Restoration movement led by Lyman Wight. We will have Mel Johnson, the world’s expert on the Wightite movement, to show us around.

While new vistas are a thrill for the veterans of the JWHA, I hope that as the conference approaches, all of us will also keep an eye out for new historians we can bring into our family and mentor at the conference as well. If we can help with the expenses of the conference, let us know and we’ll see if we can find a way. Until then, everyone enjoy your travels, and we will see you this Fall in Texas!