Somebody On the Move

“There are any number of ways to begin a book,” David McCullough said on the back porch of [his] home in West Tisbury. “I like to begin with somebody on the move.”

-Interview with the Vineyard Gazette, July 4, 2019.

I am grateful to the authors and editors of JW Books, as well as the John Whitmer Journal, for providing us with unique Restoration histories of “somebody on the move.”  With few moving due to Covid, these writings provided new insights for all.

Joseph and Lucy Smith’s Tunbridge Farm, the latest publication by JW Books, allows us to follow Asael and Mary Smith on the move from their dairy in Massachusetts to the hills of Tunbridge, Vermont.  Mark Staker and Don Enders provide fascinating details of the creation of the Smith settlement in Tunbridge, birthplace of Hyrum Smith.  New evidence of the Smith’s lifestyle offers compelling reading.

Behind the Scenes Tour of the Kirtland Temple, by Ronald E. Romig, JW Books, invites all readers to join a tour, moving from the temple’s seldom seen basement to the majestic bell tower with its sweeping views.  Photos, illustrations, and historical background of the temple’s construction, reveal rare info to all on the reading tour.

John Whitmer Journal has become popular on JSTOR due to the thorough research of talented authors and the skills of the editorial staff.  During the last year of quarantine restrictions, their articles of Restoration actors on the move have given us new stimulating themes to consider while reading at home.

Finally, I would like to thank Reed Russell, the JWHA newsletter editor, and Cheryle Grinter, Executive Director, for providing us the latest updates on coming events.  You have helped us feel that we were “moving” as one in our separate spaces.

We wish Christin Mackay and the Virtual Conference Program Committee much success as they prepare our October conference.  The topics will energize our historical conversations as we “move” forward in our research, reading, and writing.

The Board of Directors looks forward to participating with you all!

Jill Brim, President