In the June 2021 newsletter the board of directors proposed the membership dues increases to become effective January 1, 2023.  The JWHA Bylaws charges the board of directors with setting the annual dues to be ratified at the annual business meeting.

Article III – Members

Section 4. Dues. The amount of annual dues for all members shall be fixed by the board of directors, subject to ratification at the annual business meeting. Dues shall be based on calendar years. Honorary members shall not be required to pay annual dues.

The board gave thoughtful consideration before proposing dues increases including:

  • Multiple years discussing increases while hoping to wait for an in-person meeting to present the vote.
  • Research membership dues of like Mormon history groups.
  • We did not want to discuss or present dues adjustments at our 2022 business meeting during the 50th Anniversary celebration which meant including it in the 2021 agenda to become effective in 2023.

The proposed dues increase effective January 1, 2023, are:

  • Regular membership dues from $45 to $55
  • Spousal membership dues from $15 to $25
  • E-members membership dues from $25 to $35

The board of directors has been conservative in proposing membership dues increases.  In 2012 membership approved the following increases:

  • Spouse membership dues from $10 to $15
  • Student membership dues from $17.50 to $20
  • Sustaining membership dues from $75 to $100
  • Lifetime membership dues from $1,000 to $1,250

In 2013 membership approved the following increase:

  • Regular membership dues from $40 to $45

In 2017 membership approved the following increase:

  • Institution membership dues from $60 to $100

Membership dues have not been increased since 2017.  There are no magic formulas to calculate the appropriate membership dues. The board of directors is charged with balancing annual budget.  Membership dues collected for the calendar year of 2020 were $16,845.  Membership dues are only a portion of the budget income needed to support operation expenses.

If dues increases are ratified, the non-members JWHA Journal price will increase to $30 an issue.

The membership dues increase will help us continue our efforts, while preserving our endowment for future stability.

Do you want your vote to be heard on the proposed dues increase?

If you’re not already registered, register now for the Virtual Conference, October 22 -23, to attend the annual business meeting and cast your vote. Registered members will receive a link to join the annual business meeting.

Need additional financial information to help you determine your vote?  Contact before the business meeting to request financial reports.