The Evening and the Morning Star

Is published every month at

Independence, Jackson County, Missouri,

By W. W. Phelps & CO.


The price is one dollar for a year in advance, except special contract

With the Church.  Every person that sends us $1, (U. S. Paper,) shall

Be entitled to a paper for a year, gratis. 

All letters to the editor, or publishers, must be post paid.

Evening and Morning Star, Vol. II, Independence, Mo., June, 1833, No. 13.


JWHA may not be able to match the $1.00 subscription fee of The Evening and The Morning Star in 1833, but adjusting for 2021 prices, we are trying!

Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to produce the JWHA Digital Event, as well as two superb issues of the John Whitmer Journal.  We are mindful of the many members and friends who have contributed monetary donations in 2020.  We also thank all those who donated their valuable time and efforts on our behalf.  Each gift is meaningful and thoroughly appreciated.

We also thank Dan Whittemore, chair of the Finance Committee, Jerry Mogg, Treasurer, and Cheryle Grinter, Executive Director, for their careful management of our finances.  They safeguard and record all donations, as well as work to strengthen our financial foundation.  We are grateful for their many talents.

As 2021 begins, we send our best wishes as you continue your historical reading, research, and writing.  We look forward to future Restoration history discussions.

As Rachel Killebrew often shares, we thank you for your treasure and talent.

Warmest regards,

Jill Brim