At the Community of Christ Archives, summer is by far my busiest season; but with the increased workload comes the opportunity to examine new perspectives and reflect on old ones. I truly enjoy falling down the proverbial rabbit hole as I help so many with their research. I view it as an opportunity to reframe my viewpoint, learn new things, or even to reinforce what I have learned.

As I write this on June 24th, I reminisce about a date that is important to many of us. On June 27th, 1844, Joseph Smith Jr., and Hyrum Smith left this world and despite the ferocity of their departure, they left behind a brilliant legacy and a vibrant history that has shaped generations. The church they left behind continued to change, so much so that there are numerous branches and offshoots providing a cornucopia of experiences to be explored. There is so much to be learned and shared.

As you adventure this summer on church trips, barbeques, and reunions, I hope you’ll embrace the experiences, learn new things, and tell us all about them at the September Conference. This summer, I challenge you, as members of JWHA, to examine your own legacy. What have you learned during your time upon the earth? What can you share with your friends and family?

I look forward to seeing you in New York as well as the opportunity to share the joy of learning with you. Don’t forget to register!

— Rachel Killebrew