There have been changes in the awards committee for the John Whitmer Historical Association. I am the new chairperson and we have new members on the committees. We have two committees, one for articles and one for books. JWHA has a long history of awarding  significant books and articles, and as a group, we hope to continue this tradition.

The articles committee is made up of Katherine Hill, Taunalyn Rutherford, Bryce Blankenagel, and Daniel Stone.

The books committee is made up of Susan Staker, Erin Metcalfe, John Dinger and William Shepard.

We have a cross section of restoration faiths, academics, editors, life experience, writers, scholars, and thoughtful people. I feel quite honored to be a part of this amazing group.

As chairperson for the JWHA and in behalf of the two committees, I would like to ask members of the JWHA for 2018 nominations for Best Historical Article, Best Theological Article, Best Book, Best Book Anthology, Best Book Documentary, and Best Book Biography. Please send nominations to

We have some wonderful sponsors for the awards and on behalf of the committees, we want to thank them very much for their generosity. If you would like to sponsor an award, please contact Cheryle ( or myself (