JWHA Conference, September 26-29, 2019!

Join JWHA as we travel to Rochester, N.Y., and the Palmyra area. 

“Back to the Burned-Over District 200 Years Later, 1819-2019:  Impact of the Second Great Awakening on the Restoration Movements.”

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During the Second Great Awakening, the Burned-Over District in western New York became a breeding ground for change. Harsh winters, disease, and food shortages left people devastated. Political and socioeconomic changes served as kindling to a bonfire. The Burned-Over District was on proverbial fire with revivals, converting many to the ways of Charles Finney, William Miller, the Shakers, the Oneida, and Joseph Smith. This same district was known for social radicalism, including women’s suffrage and rights. Turbulent times led to great changes and religious movements that have affected the world we live in today.  What sparks your interest in this “fiery” historical period?

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