Congratulations to the following award winners!

MIGWE’C (Native American 1831) to the sponsors:

The Smith-Pettit Foundation, Greg Kofford, Dan and Elizabeth Whittemore, and Jill and Greg Brim for honoring the 2018 award winners with gifts of appreciation.

A DANK (Yiddish 1841) to the authors who shared their stories:

The Smith-Pettit Best Book Award was awarded to Canadian Mormons: A History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada by Roy and Carma Prete Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book.

The Best Biography was awarded to That We May Be One: A Gay Mormon’s Perspective on Faith and Family by Tom Christofferson Salt Lake City, UT. Deseret Book.

The Best Anthology Book Award was awarded to Dime Novel Mormons (The Mormon Image in Literature) by Michael Austin and  Ardis E. Parshall Salt Lake City, UT. Greg Kofford Books.

The Whittemore Best Documentary History Book Award was awarded to Race and the Making of the Mormon People by Max Perry Mueller Chapel Hill, NC. University of North Carolina Press.

Greg Kofford Books Best Historical Article Award was awarded to Daniel P. Stone. “The Rocky Road to Prophethood: William Bickerton’s Emergence as an American Prophet,” Journal of Mormon History 43, no. 1: 1-29.

Greg Kofford Best Theological Article Award was awarded to Jeffrey David Mahas, “I Intend to Get Up a Whistling School’: The Nauvoo Whistling and Whittling Movement, American Vigilante Tradition, and Mormon Theocratic Thought,” Journal of Mormon History 43, no. 4: 37-67.

Community of Christ Studies Article Award was awarded to La Jean Carruth.  “Transcribing the Memoirs of Joseph Smith III, as dictated by his son, Israel” John Whitmer Historical Association Journal 37, no 2: 113-126.

DIOLCH (Wales 1845) to the very talented 2018 JWHA Scholarship recipients: Kathy Fallon & Ryan C. Tittle.

GRACIAS (Spanish 1846) to the JWHA President’s Award Winner, Jill Brim.

TACK (Scandinavia 1850) to the 2018 Awards committee:

Books:  Kathleen Castillo, Shad Kimball, Bill Shepard.

Papers:  Brent Metcalfe, Taunalyn Rutherford, Bev Thompson.

Finally to the many publishers, members, and friends who suggested titles and contacted us at