Book cover imageResearching past issues of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal has just become immeasurably easier thanks to the introduction of an annotated table of contents for the entire series beginning with Volume 1 in 1981.

Now available on our website, you can see the chronological listing of every journal article by title, author(s), year, volume, page number, and a concise blurb summarizing the gist of every article. You can even toggle between searching by volume number or by author!

Since all JWHA Journals from 1981 through 2015 are already provided on our site in electronic format, research using past issues can now be undertaken instantly from anywhere, using any mobile device, without a trip to the library.

The JWHA Journal was published annually from 1981 to 2010 and then as spring and fall semi-annual issues since 2011.  The Journal has also incorporated the theological Restoration Studies within the covers of the fall issue since 2015.