photo of Greg BraggGreg Bragg – member, friend and generous patron of JWHA, passed away June 6, 2017.

A remembrance from his good friend, and fellow JWHA member, Chris Bloxham:

Greg Bragg, one of Mormon history’s greatest addicts and a longtime supporter of JWHA, succumbed to a rare congenital respiratory disease this past week. He passed away on Tuesday night, June 6, 2017, surrounded by his favorite people, his family.

Greg loved attending JWHA and his gregarious, outgoing personality made him friends with most everyone who had the opportunity to meet him. He immediately drew you in, whether you were a longtime friend or a total stranger, and you left the conversation more passionate about Mormon history. Greg always remembered your name. If you ever had the good fortune to sit next to Greg and his lovely wife Kathy during a lecture or share a dinner table with them at JWHA, you’d have left it happier and more hopeful for having shared their company. He loved history, books, Nauvoo and even more than those – he loved people.

He will be greatly missed as we convene this fall in Nauvoo, where he dedicated so much time, money, love and energy. He was one of my closest friends and a valuable business partner.

Chris Bloxham