"SOLD" graphic with gavelThe annual auction will take place at the JWHA Conference in Nauvoo this September. In addition, there will be an online auction which will begin in August and conclude during the conference. For years the auction has been a popular feature of JWHA conferences. As always, the success of the auction is twofold: donations and bidding. If there are no donations, we have nothing to put in the auction. And, of course, even if we have donations, we need generous bidders. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the auction go to the John Whitmer Historical Association to fund conferences, scholarships, etc. Book donations are most common and are always appreciated. We would like to expand the type of items donated to the auction beyond books. If you have something of value that you would be willing to donate, including services (for example, a number of hours of editing or research), hosting visitors, or other unique opportunities, we would love to include things like this in the auction.

Be creative, so that the auction will be even more enjoyable and financially rewarding. Please do not donate items that you were simply going to leave at Goodwill or throw away. If you have auction ideas, please email your suggestions to the John Whitmer Historical Association. With the 2017 conference being held in Nauvoo, away from the Independence headquarters, it may be more challenging to provide items for the auction tables. We would encourage all JWHA members to please bring at least one time of value for the auction. We sincerely thank everyone who participates in the JWHA auction each year.

Complete the auction donation form today.  You will receive an e-mail with additional information and instructions for delivery of your donation.