The Finance committee invites volunteers to serve on the committee.  Current members are Dan Whittemore, chair, Seth Bryant, Bill Morain, Jerry Mogg, Treasurer Christin Mackay, and Executive Director Cheryle Grinter.

The purpose of the finance committee is to develop and assist in the execution of a financial plan designed to enable the Association to fund its programs and projects, including investment and endowment fund policies. The committee should consider the development of methods of fund raising such as fund appeals, planned giving programs, and fund raising projects.

We welcome Seth Bryant as the newest finance committee member.  He recently accepted a new position as Kirtland Temple Historic Site Director.

The December 31, 2015, audit review reported net assets of $372,079, derived from assets of $374,329 less liabilities of $2,250. During 2015, total revenues were $93,822, total expenses were $110,330, with an excess of expenses over revenues of $16,608. The CPA Firm is Dechant & Alpers, LLC.